KT + Scott’s Zombie Apocalypse Engagement

When we’ve got some down time and we’re feeling creative and generous, we sometimes hold contests. This past winter some of you may remember the “Inspiration Photo Contest” we held on facebook, where people could submit photos that inspire them for a chance to recreate that same photo with us. KT won that contest with one of these photos of an engagement shoot with zombies. Naturally, Shana and I completely geeked out, because we’re massive Walking Dead fans. Which, by the way, comes on again in TWO DAYS. We’ve been holding on to these for this very occasion (we shot them in September), and we are so excited to share them now. We had the best time with these two (and their friend Ben, who played an awesome zombie!), it was the absolute perfect shoot to fit their personalities, and we’re so glad we got to get creative and play zombie apocalypse with a couple of pretty awesome people. Enjoy!

Oh, I almost forgot to gush over her BLOOD SPATTER HIGH HEELS. Guhhhhh, so cute.

Moving on…