I used to spend my teenage years taking endless self portraits in outrageous locations and funny clothes. I was obsessed with having a more unique myspace profile photo than all my friends, and that sparked my first interest in photography. I got a few friends to model for me after creating some attention with my photos, and a few of them told me I had a knack for it, and so following high school I decided to pursue a career in photography. I bought myself a fancy camera and set out to learn the finer aspects of the art, which didn’t include myspace angles. Light and composition came easy for me, but the last step I had yet to figure out was how to make money doing what I loved. Which as any artist can attest, is no simple task if you’re unorganized. Then I met Shana Perry.

Problem solved.


I spent my childhood in the dark room with my father. So naturally I wanted nothing to do with photography by the time I was in high school, and instead focused on sports. After completing my masters in guidance counseling and psychology, I set out to look for a job in education. But on a spontaneous vacation to visit my parents in Florida, I landed myself a job as a baker in the local island bakery. A year later I owned the bakery, 6 years later Brittney and I started dating, and after 10 years of successful business, I hung up my apron as a baker and started managing Brittney’s business for her.


We decided to relocate from Florida to Western Massachusetts in June of 2011 and haven’t looked back. We got married on April 14th, 2012 and soon after Brittney Love Photography morphed into Love & Perry Photography. We both bring different perspectives and eyes to the art now, equally, and the combination of our styles is really what set us apart.


On March 5, 2016 at 12:43 in the morning, we welcomed a new team member to the Love & Perry family. Our son Wilder Scott Love Perry was born in an amazing home birth in Hatfield. Naturally, the majority of his impending arrival was captured in photographs and film. He is such an inspiring addition to our lives and we cannot wait to share with the world every milestone he goes through. As we speak we are cultivating him to take over the family business when we are old and gray. What more can you ask for when the 2nd generation of Love & Perry is able to capture your big day?