This past weekend Shana and I spent as much time as we could watching Sue Bryce on Creative Live (we missed all of Sunday because we had an engagement shoot with the awesome Rachel and Bob, which is the next post to come). She is one of the most incredible glamour photographers I’ve ever seen. We immediately wanted to try her techniques with posing out, as she’s a master at posing women in just the right position to make them look their best. So I ran out and bought some new underwear to model in, a couple of white poster boards to serve as reflectors, and Shana took these fantastic shots. It was no easy task positioning my body in the poses she uses, but the difference was night and day. I’m what is considered curvy, I’m a size 12 and there are absolutely parts of my body I hate to have photographed. But with the knowledge Sue gave us, I totally loved these. So thank you, Sue!  The information we learned was totally invaluable, and I’d say we did a pretty good job with it our first time around.