We by chance got the opportunity to shoot the wonderful Miranda for her senior photos. Ginger, her mother, happens to know Michelle, one of our ¬†Florida brides, and worked out a time with us to shoot with Miranda when we were there for Michelle and Myron’s wedding. We’re so happy we got to do this, for many different reasons. Now I will list them.

1) We love being Wedding photographers. But sometimes it’s nice to break up the lovey dovey stuff.

2) Not only was Miranda an absolute blast to be around, so were her parents, Ginger and Jeb.

3) We found our future assistant. Jeb did a marvelous job holding the reflector.

4) This incredibly nice man let us use his gorgeous property. It really shines in the courtyard shots.

4) They took us out to dinner. There, the big secret is out. If you want us to love you, the key to our hearts is obviously through our stomachs.

5) I’m not kidding.

But seriously, Miranda and co, we hope you love these as much as us. Call us when Miranda get’s married!