We’ve been asked to keep these on the DL until the Larson’s can show them off to their family, so we’re keeping them off Facebook until we get the go ahead, and I know most of you won’t be seeing this until then. But you have no idea how excited we are to share these. We got an email a couple months back from Samantha who loved our work and wanted us to take some pictures of her adorable little family. Logan is the happiest baby we’ve ever seen in our lives, and the most delightful little thing to capture. He put up with us for nearly an hour and a half in the cold, and he was all smiles and giggles until the very end, when he got his taste of freedom in the grass and didn’t want to let it go. Have we mentioned Chris? No? That’s because he was identical in nature to his son, albeit less of a drooler. He put up with us the whole time, too!

Samantha, Chris, and Logan, we had so much fun with you, and we can’t wait to see Logan grow up in front of the camera!