Grace and Heather easily, hands down, win the most awesome venue award. No amount of rain could put a damper on the awesomeness of the place. But I don’t give all the credit to the museum, because every color the couple picked out seemed to compliment the space so entirely, and the day, even despite the rain, was perfect.

Both brides could not have looked any more simply gorgeous. Both Grace and Heather’s family and friends were so incredibly nice and the ridiculousness on the dance floor was unsurpassed. All the details, from the trolley ride from the hotel, to the old window escort card holders, to the flowers and the food were fantastic. We saw it originally in their engagement shoot, but their love for one another was even more amplified and felt all around on their wedding day.

We loved every moment of getting to photograph this day with these two, and we wish them so much happiness in the future. Grace and Heather, we hope you love love these, and we fully expect beer drinking whenever you’re in Northampton. Just because you both had a few drinks doesn’t mean we don’t remember that you promised to be our friends on the trolley ride home!



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