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And the winner is...

We want to start off by saying how much we love contests. This one was particularly awesome because everyone's entries spoke volumes about their personalities and were so creative. I'm stalling here, because I'm trying to fill space in the excerpt that shows on Facebook so there's anticipation for the winner. Here's to hoping it worked because... *drum roll* The[...]

Inspiration Photo Contest

We've been meaning to do a contest again for ages, we love how involved people get and who doesn't like a little healthy competition? Apparently not us, staple shows in our house include Chopped and The Biggest Loser (which explains this weight loss stall... what a revelation!) I babble, you all must know this by now. ON TO THE CONTEST. We've spent the past month[...]

Jahna's Glamour Shoot

First of all, we're MARRIED!! But we'll get to those pictures later. After weeks of wedding preparation and nonstop chaos, the last thing we want to do right now is more of our wedding stuff. But it'll come sometime next week, we promise! So onto Jahna, our incredibly gorgeous winner of the facebook contest we put on last month. She worked so hard to win this. It was [...]

Different Shades of Beauty Facebook Contest!

With the new branding complete, we decided it was time we gave away something really cool. Sue Bryce inspired us with taking real, beautiful women, of any shape and size and making them feel as such in photos. We want to do the same. So we're giving away a FREE beauty photo session to the winner of our Facebook contest. So check out the details below, and then head ov[...]